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Meet Abbey

Abbey Waterworth Singer Songwriter Americana Country Bluegrass

                                                     was born in Clever, Missouri in 1997. She began singing when she was 7 and playing when she was 10. She cut her teeth on Bluegrass music. Her grandfather hosted regular music parties and her family attended other music jams while she grew up. Her family and her own curiosity introduced her to many genres of music, which influence her music still today. She incorporates several styles into her music, including traditional, oldies, indie, pop, and country.


    Waterworth self-published her first album in April of 2015. She recorded this self-titled album using only her vocals and a guitar or banjo. The album consists of covers songs ranging from traditional tunes to classic rock songs. In August of 2016, Waterworth debuted her concept album Rose Bridge. Local music influenced her heavily, and she wanted to pay homage to the depth of music in the Ozarks. The album shows off the artistic stylings of Waterworth and producer Nick Sibley. Songs ranging from May Kennedy-McCord’s Palace Grand to Tom Whitlock’s and Georgio Moroder’s Take My Breath Away. She released her third album, Starling, in May 2018. Starling contains 12 original songs by Nick Sibley. Each song is a unique character story showcasing Sibley’s talent for songwriting. The entire album can be summed up in one phrase: dark humor. The songs, the vocals, and the production blend to create something eclectic, moody, jazzy, and dream pop while maintaining a cool Americana vibe.


    Currently Waterworth resides in Springfield, Missouri, where she attends college, works, and plays music. To date, she has played venues such as Fitzgerald’s in Chicago and The Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee. She has shared the stage with acts like The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Donnie Thompson, and Pokey LaFarge. She is looking forward to releasing new songs, writing, and travelling to new places to play music.

Abbey Waterworth

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